Why do employees leave their job?

UK employees spend an average of 3,515 full days at work over the course of their lifetime. Spending such a significant portion of life at work, it is crucial that employees are fulfilled within their roles and enjoy working for their employer.

New research polled 2,000 workers and found that dreary canteen food, exhausting work timetables and incompetent bosses were among the most common reasons for leaving jobs. A good work-life balance, minimal stress, a decent salary and an appreciative line manager are important for many employees.

The top reason for leaving was the desire for a better work life balance, followed closely behind with too much stress.  40th on the list of reasons for leaving a job was that pets were not allowed in the workplace and several reasons relating to falling out with line managers or colleagues were cited.  Employees also complained about the wrong station being played on the radio and the office being too hot or too cold!

Whatever the reason, it is important to conduct an exit interview with employees as they leave, as a means of using the feedback to drive a positive culture.

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