Is your business doing enough to tackle workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment is a significant risk issues for employers. Until recently, the true scale of workplace harassment had largely been hidden due to a reluctance to report.

Setting the tone is crucial and must be led from the top of the business with clarity on what is and what is not acceptable. Encouraging individuals to bring concerns forward helps resolve issues early. Accessible reporting routes which are perceived as ‘safe’ and free from repercussions are also imperative.

Some basic actions that employers can take are as follows:

Encourage a proactive approach to raising and discussing harassment issues and treat the subject as a cultural priority.
Consider the workplace culture and consider if work needs to be done to change an inappropriate culture.
Refresh or develop policies and ensure they work alongside other initiatives such as mental health at work.
Update training and treat the subject as a business imperative
Consider having different ways of staff being able to discuss complaints

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