Stress-related absence on the increase

Over the past year, there has been an increase in stress-related absences as a result of managers and management style. A recentsurvey of 1,078 people found that 37% of businesses witnessed an increase in stress-related absences last year. Moreover, 62% of respondents said that heavy workloads were to blame, while 43% said management style was a direct cause of stress, up from 32% the previous year.

Interestingly, of those who participated in the report, 40% of organisations reported to having a wellbeing policy in place. Only 50% of organisations reported that they trained line managers to manage stress.

Only 30% of participants agreed that managers were confident in having sensitive discussions and signposting staff to other sources if they required help.

Is is important not to blame managers – employers should and instead to identify the main causes of stress within the workplace whether that be through conducting an audit or a survey in order to help put in place the right kind of measures to both support people when they are ill, and to try and prevent the risks in the first place.

Employers should train and support line managers and ensure the implementation of suitable frameworks in order to support employees when they are ill, as well as creating a working environment that helps prevent illness. 121 can help with this on

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