Do you monitor absence and conduct return to work meetings?

Costing the economy £61 billion, three-quarters of ill-health related absence in 2018 could have been prevented with effective management strategies. Employers lose, on average, 35.6 working days per employee per year due to absence. It is becoming impossible for businesses to ignore the link between ill-health and productivity.

According to a survey which sourced these statistics, top performing companies showed common characteristics such as embedding a culture of health and having capable line managers who supported employees with health and wellbeing programmes.  In addition, those companies that properly measured absence and regularly monitored attendance using return to work meetings, had a better grip on absence management in general.

The figures serve as a warning to employers regarding the significant effect that absence can have on their workforce and company development overall. Conducting return to work meetings and recording all absence are steps that can be taken to alert managers to the problem of absence, at an early stage. Identifying root causes of absence – such as work-related stress, can also help managers to deal with absence.

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