Only a third of employees are positive about their working future

The findings of a poll of 5,000 working-age people, show that only half of UK employees have received workplace training in the past three years, and a third have either never received training or did so more than five years ago. This lack of opportunity to develop has led to employees feeling disillusioned about their future.

60% of respondents felt the skills they did have were not used at least half of the time, suggesting that employers are not fully capitalising on the skills they already have within their businesses.
The report highlighted something of a social mobility problem, finding that those from lower socio-economic groups were less likely to have received training in the past five years than those in higher groups.

It suggested employers need to invest in skills development for people at all stages in their career and that individuals need to start looking for more opportunities to upskill themselves outside of the workplace or put themselves forward for training at work.

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