Changes to contracts of employment in April

April 2020 will see changes to the rules on the provision of written statements of particulars of employment that will affect every employer.

What is the law now?
At the moment all employees must, as a minimum, be given a written statement of terms and conditions within two months of their start date.

What will change?
Written statements of terms and conditions must be given to “workers” as well as employees – so people who are on zero hours’ contracts fall under the same guidance.

Contractual terms must be provided in a single document on or before the first day of work. There are exceptions for specified terms relating to pensions, collective agreements, training entitlements and certain information about disciplinary and grievance procedures which must be given no later than two months after the beginning of employment.

Additional information must be included in the statement such as
• details of any probationary period including any conditions and its duration
• days of the week that are required to be worked, whether or not such hours or days are variable and, if they are, how they vary
• details of any paid leave to which the worker is entitled
• details of all remuneration and benefits
• details of any training entitlement including whether it is mandatory and/or if the worker must pay for it

Other changes that are taking place which may impact on the contracts of some employers, or their policies or handbooks, relate to the increase in the period for determining an average week’s pay, for the purposes of calculating annual leave, from 12 to 52 weeks. If this is something that is mentioned in employment documentation it will require to be updated.

Agency Workers

New legislation will also be taking effect that requires employment businesses to provide agency workers with information called a “Key Information Document” The has also been updated so that all agency workers will have the right to pay parity after 12 weeks.

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