A third of people leave a business in their first six months of employment

Statistics from a recent survey show shocking figures demonstrating that a third of people are choosing to leave businesses within their first six months of employment.

This is particularly pertinent when we consider that the cost of bringing someone on board in the first place is equivalent to 6-9 months’ worth of the previous incumbent’s salary. Good onboarding practices can help to avoid early leavers:

The different methods of onboarding are:

Operational Onboarding: This is about providing the tools and equipment that the employee will need to carry out their job such as a laptop, email address and assigned desk, locker and so on. To prepare for a new arrival, a checklist of requirements is a useful tool so that nothing is forgotten.
Knowledge Onboarding: This is about the knowledge to do the job. Information for new starts should be delivered in easy to understand elements. It is also at this point that the new start forms his or her first workplace relationship with the person who is giving them their knowledge.
Performance Onboarding: New starters should be set short-term objectives that are achievable from day one so that they understand how you measure their success and what to aim for.
Social Onboarding: Social Onboarding is about people feeling included. A buddy scheme is a useful tool to help with this.

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