Are managers asking too much of their teams?

Persuasive managers may from time to time ask their team members to do more than is “expected” of their standard job description such as doing additional work in the evenings or at the weekend or doing more when a colleague is on holiday.  Being asked to take on additional responsibilities may be part of the norm for many employees, managers should also be aware of some things they should never ask of their employees. Here are some guidelines:


Don’t ask anyone to do anything you would not do

If you are unwilling to work after hours or at the weekend then you must not ever ask this of one of your team.  Even if you have a “willing” employee, take note that they may be pushing themselves forward to make an impression on you.  It is just wrong to ask something of an employee that you are not willing to do yourself!


Do not ask a team member to cancel a holiday

There are times when businesses may need all hands on deck.  And in the current pandemic, many holiday plans will have gone awry. However, holidays generally have an emotional attachment and be aware of the morale effect of asking someone to cancel a holiday with their family.

Be aware of bullying behaviour

An employee that chooses to bully their colleagues should not be knowingly tolerated. It is vital that managers ensure the wellbeing and welfare of staff. No team member should be subject to a toxic work environment.


Do not ask people to work when they are unwell

Asking staff to come into work (or work from home) while sick will cause issues for the team.  Build a culture of understanding and open communication where staff do not feel guilty for needing a day at home to get over illness.


Take responsibility for your own actions as a manager

When a delegated task fails, consider how to deal with it. Should you, as the manager, accept some responsibility for the task failing, or do you blame your employee for the failure? If something doesn’t go to plan that was your idea, it is ok to admit that you were wrong.

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