“Toxic” workplace cultures may cost billions

According to new research the price of perpetuating a toxic work culture could total a staggering £15.7 billion per year. The report revealed that one in five SME employees left their job due to poor workplace culture.


The report also found that one-third of SME ‘decision-makers’ experienced or witnessed workplace bullying in the past year. In addition, 31% of business leader respondents experienced or handled harassment cases in the last year.  What is interesting is that 57% of those respondents reported that senior management handled the situation badly.


Around one in ten employees cited a lack trust in company leaders, and of these, 56% reported that they don’t feel adequately supported by management. Only 15% of UK workers have ‘a lot’ of trust in their company leaders and of those who did not have trust in their management, over half said that they did not appear to know what they are doing followed by 56% who said that they did not feel supported by them.

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