Soaring use of mobile phones at work

UK workers are spending 2 hours 20 minutes browsing their phone at work each week, amounting to six and a half months over a lifetime, new research reveals.


Nearly eight in ten workers have admitted to using their phones when they’re supposed to be working, and on average they spend 28 minutes each day browsing their devices during working hours. This means that UK businesses are losing out on almost a week’s worth of work per year due to employees spending time on their phones, or six and a half months over a working lifetime.


Further research reveals that having a personal phone to hand at work has a 48% negative impact on employees’ quality of work. With many now working from home for the foreseeable, personal phones are likely to be on hand to cause distractions, and without face-to-face interaction in the office, this may impact on productivity. This makes it even more important to have regular check-ins with teams to ensure that they feel motivated and engaged with the task at hand and to maintain productivity levels during lockdown.

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