Don’t forget feedback for remote workers

Working from home has become the new norm for employees and employers up and down the country, with many turning to digital means in order to communicate with colleagues and teams.

While virtual communications have increased tenfold, how should line managers be delivering feedback to their staff effectively on a remote basis?


A recent study has found that 57% of people prefer critical feedback that allows them to improve their performance to 43% of people who prefer praise or recognition.

As a result of regular team meetings being delayed and the difficulty of having daily catch ups with remote staff, it is possible to forget to deliver feedback too.  We advise the following:


Check-in regularly

By staying in contact with teams regularly, whether that’s by phone, message, email or video call, managers will be able to maintain a consistent level of communication that would be similar to the physical workplace. This will also make handing out criticism that little easier.


Be compassionate

When something has been done incorrectly or not to the standard you had hoped, being critical is essential to helping an employee improve. However, while working remotely, it’s important you show a level of compassion for your staff as they may not be able to read you as well virtually as they would when in front of you in the office.


Try a video call

Appearing on video isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do, but when it comes to delivering constructive feedback appropriately, the need for video is even more imperative to replicate a face-to-face meeting. This will allow both parties to witness each other’s body language and facial expressions, paving the way for a far more successful meeting.


However you agree to manage feedback, don’t let home working get in its way!

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