Consider employees’ commute as part of return to work meeting

Businesses have been urged to consider how their employees commute to work when deciding to reopen workplaces, as images emerge of workers packed on to tubes and buses in the South.

Trade Unions have suggested that any decision about whether workers should return to work should factor in each individual’s commute and ability to arrive at work safely. Despite advice only to use public transport if absolutely necessary many people simply don’t have a car or a bike and rely on public transport to get to and from work.

Every employee should be provided opportunity to discuss any concerns about their commute with their manager as part of the return-to-work process, which should take place in advance of the day that individual is expected to return. Where employees must come into work, employers should consider allowing flexible working or stagger shift patterns to help them avoid rush hours.

Union Unite has also called for the introduction of maximum capacity rules on public transport, arguing that the current guidance lacked clarity, saying that if the Government is serious about ensuring that social distancing is maintained there must be strict rules on maximum capacity.

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