Consider introducing a mentoring programme to build strong relationships at work

Investing time into mentorship within a business has been known to help boost performance, productivity and innovation and a recent study has found that retention rates are higher for both mentees (22% more) and mentors (20% more) in comparison to employees who did not participate in a mentoring programme, while 25% of employees who enrolled in a mentoring programme had a salary-grade change.


Millennials are also eager to embrace mentoring – 79% of Millennials see mentoring as crucial to their career success. With statistics indicating that this generation makes up the majority of the workforce, it is essential for employers to tap into mentorship in order to maintain their staff and retain new talent. Mentoring is a great way to encourage self-discovery and to help employees gain a broader perspective and outlook. It can be particularly useful when someone is transitioning into a new role, developing a new skill or competency and exploring or planning careers.


Mentoring can help to build stronger relationships with employees, which can lead to higher productivity and better morale and can be implemented in an informal way so it can easily be managed remotely if necessary.


As mentees look up to their mentors and likely hope to follow in their steps, calling on members of key leadership staff can make an immeasurable difference to any mentorship programme and develop strong working relationships across the organisation.

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