Should we amend email etiquette?

Whilst the steep rise in usage of digital connectivity platforms such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams has increased tenfold as the coronavirus pandemic forced the workforce into home offices, the most convenient way to do business online for many is still via that professional mainstay – the email.


Newly released data has suggested that email usage is rising each year, and will continue to do so until at least 2023. Each working day, accounts are accessed by 3.9billion active users, whilst the global marketing budget spent on email advertising rose to 43% in 2019.


Mastering the fine art of email etiquette is important. Coronavirus has changed the way we work and inevitably, this has an effect on how we choose to communicate. So, how should email etiquette change at this time?We are advised to ensure that email communication contains more empathy –don’t ignore the effect the pandemic may be having on those reading the email. This might include messages such as: “’Hope you’re well.’ ’Hope this email finds you healthy.’ ‘Hope you and your family are healthy and safe during these uncertain and unprecedented times’.


For some this may seem to be a little too intrusive – but it is important to find an empathetic balance.

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