Have home workers considered GDPR implications?

As working has become the new norm, with many businesses confirming that 100% of their workers are working from home research has revealed that, of the 2,000 home workers surveyed, one in ten believed that their working practices are not GDPR compliant and 13% admitted that they are using their own home technology for work.


In terms of support, two thirds of those surveyed, felt that they did not have enough support from their employer for their home IT. On top of dealing with a pandemic, businesses may face the prospect of losing valuable data or opening themselves up to cyber-attacks or phishing.

GDPR was brought in to strengthen data protection for individuals across the EU, all UK companies that process personal data mustcomply or risk significant financial penalties – up to 4% of the company’s annual turnover.


Employers should be ensuring that their staff are only using business devices, not home computers, phones and/or tablets to transfer data. All devices should have the latest patches applied, to ensure security vulnerabilities or other bugs are fixed, as well as anti-virus, anti-spam and web protection.


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