Helpful tips to manage mental health in the workplace during Covid-19

At this time, during the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are feeling anxious, worried and concerned due to a reduced amount of control over their work and home life.

ACAS has released helpful tips and resources for employers, managers and employees on how to effectively manage mental health in the workplace during Coronavirus.

Tips for Employers

It is important to acknowledge that employees may require more support than usual with regards to their mental health during the pandemic.

Employers can utilise the following steps to help manage their employee’s mental health, such as:

  • When updating or informing staff be sure to communicate honestly, clearly and openly in order to reduce panic and confusion
  • Be approachable to all staff and encourage them to speak to you if they need support
  • If an employee does approach you, ensure you deal with their matter calmly and sensitively
  • Keep in regular contact with staff, especially with furloughed staff, in order to check how they are doing and to ensure they feel connected with the workplace whilst they are at home
  • Support your staff, ensure they have clear priorities and targets to achieve whilst working from home
  • Speak with managers to check if they require any additional support or resources for their teams

Tips for Managers

In addition, managers can also help their teams by encouraging positive mental health:

  • Consider providing online mental health training for staff
  • Appoint mental health ‘champions’ who staff can speak to about their concerns if they do not feel comfortable speaking directly to a manager
  • Promote existing wellbeing support that the workplace already offers such as counselling
  • Be available for staff to approach you with any concerns
  • Communicate often and clearly with teams and do not make assumptions as to how they are coping
  • Reassure staff during this time of their safety and inform them of important workplace updates
  • Agree clear work expectations with each member of staff

Through applying some of these helpful tips in your workplace, you can help to reassure your employees and reduce their worries and concerns. In turn, this will help to promote positive mental health in the workplace.

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