Will businesses take the opportunity to cut down on travel?

As we start to think about the prospect of travel for leisure, businesses are also having to consider how they will deal with travel for work in the future.  Research has found that 39% of UK workers want to scale back any non-essential business trips – not least out of concern for the environmental impact business travel can have. Almost half of respondents shared that they were concerned about the negative impacts.


If the number of UK domestic business trips (excluding air travel) taken by full-time emloyees reduced by 10%, a megatonne of greenhouse emissions will be avoided from the atmosphere every year, which is the equivalent of all home, business and road transport emissions in the London Borough of Bromley.


As a high number of employees are currently working from home and no longer taking their regular commute to and from work on a daily basis, things have no doubt started to improve for the environment. It has become increasingly clear that many businesses can operate without the need for continuous travel, with a positive impact on the environment.


If full-time employees (who are able to work remotely) work from home for just one day per week, there would be a reduction of 1,526 miles travelled each year and £449.70 of annual savings per person. This would then result in an annual 7.1 megatonne CO2 decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.


Taking charge of this would likely align with many businesses’ corporate social responsibility strategy and their employees’ values, which would help to increase productivity and morale among workers.


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