How well are you communicating with staff?

New research has revealed that 65% of working UK professionals would consider leaving their job as a result of poor treatment by their employer during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The survey assessed staff attitudes towards their employer, including those who were furloughed, as well as those who continued to work for the same company through the crisis.

The primary reason for employee dissatisfaction was poor communication about major issues such as working hours, layoffs and pay during the crisis. 55% of employees who are furloughed feel neglected by their employer, who failed to communicate or keep them informed of next steps.


Only one in four working UK professionals view their company’s behaviour positively and want to remain employed there post-pandemic.  This shows the importance for organisations to communicate early and often with employees – especially in times of crisis. Companies that offer transparent communication with empathy for its employees will experience increased credibility.


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