Cybersecurity concerns costing businesses

Almost two-fifths of business decision-makers have dismissed employees because of a cybersecurity policy breach since the Covid-19 pandemic began, a survey has found.

The research found more than half of firms believed that working from home made employees more likely to circumvent security protocols – including through the use of personal laptops and failing to change passwords.

The poll found that almost two-thirds had made substantial changes to their cybersecurity policies in response to breaches. It is therefore imperative that employers revisit data security protocols as homeworking looks set to continue.

Employers need to communicate that the same principles of data protection apply at home as in the office, including that a breach could lead to severe disciplinary action, The importance of securing data and directing employees accordingly cannot be underestimated as the employer could find

themselves responsible for significant data breaches if they have not taken appropriate steps to protect it.

Separately, a report by recruitment firm Robert Walters has found that up to 65,000 cyber attacks take place on UK SMEs every day, with 4,500 successful. The report found that almost half of UK companies admitted to not having adequate cybersecurity provision to maintain a fully remote working model.

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