Is slow home internet decreasing your business’ productivity?

As we increase our reliance on internet connectivity in the home with huge numbers of employees permanently home-based, new research has found that those who experience unreliable or slow connections are being adversely affected.

In a survey of more than 1,000 people working from home, 89% of employees experienced an unreliable internet connection, believing they wasted an average of just over 30 minutes a day as a result; with one in 8 losing an hour or more. Overall, over 80% claimed that they have suffered from an unreliable internet connection or slow internet speeds.

One of the reasons for this fight for connectivity is likely to be due to increased demand for bandwidth in the household. But these issues could be causing problems for business leaders, with almost half of respondents believing the impact of slow or unreliable internet connection either could cause, or is causing, frustration for staff in the business that they work for.

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