A quarter of firms unaware of redundancy consultation legalities

With many planning to inform workers of layoffs via phone or video calls, employers must build in extra time for logistical issues.

More than a third of employers are likely to shed jobs by the end of the year, with many admitting to being unaware of their legal responsibilities around consulting staff, according to ACAS.

The ACAS survey, which polled more than 2,000 business representatives and was conducted by YouGov last month, revealed large companies were more likely to be looking to cut jobs, with 60 per cent of firms with more than 250 employees anticipating redundancies.

It found a quarter of companies admitted they were not aware of their legal responsibilities around consulting staff before making redundancies, rising to a third of small businesses.

Of those planning to make redundancies, more than a quarter said they would be telling staff via video calls or over the phone. Only a third intended to tell people in person.

Companies may need to build extra time into the consultation process to allow for any logistical issues arising from telling people remotely rather than face to face, she said. And employees still had the right to be accompanied at these meetings. Every employer should approach a redundancy process with compassion and treat everyone with dignity, respect and kindness.

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