Be prepared for winter slump as workers flag potential burnout

Forty-three per cent of workers have reported feeling at risk of burnout this winter according to a survey.

Engagement levels are in decline as a further 43% reported feeling demotivated to work, 38% said they are less productive than usual and one third (34%) said their ability to problem solve and come up with innovative ideas has declined.

Employees have simply not taken enough time off to restore and recharge effectively, some have not taken time off since Christmas the previous year. Of course, this is all going to have a tremendous impact on their wellbeing over time.

For 45% of respondents, further encouragement could help improve motivation levels as they felt that they had no incentive to work harder for their companies.

Being able to return to a COVID-safe workplace could also help others struggling with a winter slump as 31% said their work is being negatively impacted by not seeing colleagues every day.

In addition to protecting employee health, the bottom-line is also set to suffer from the impact on employee morale. Over one third (36%) of employees in the study said that their mental health has already impacted their sales performance and ROI for their company.

Thirty per cent of respondents also said if it wasn’t for the pandemic they would also be leaving their company, and 44% have started exploring new roles.

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