Return on Investment (ROI) in Recruitment

With so many different ad channels from Google to YouTube to choose from, where should a small business spend its advertising budget?

Successfully advertising your business means designing a marketing drive that uses numerous channels. It is important you understand how each marketing channel needs to be managed to deliver the ROI you expect.

Facebook is still a widely utilised platform is which can deliver handsome ROI but it’s not as simple as using stock imagery and a well thought out caption. Facebook ad campaigns live and die by how they are designed and who they target. A great campaign targeted at the wrong audience will flop. Similarly, a poorly designed campaign targeted at the right audience won’t stick.

Covid-19 has impacted on the resources small businesses have available for marketing. The key is to build an ad strategy that contains a mix of appropriate ad channels.

Work backwards from your overall goal and break that down into shorter-term objectives. From there, you can create a solid plan of action, based on who your target audience is, where they hang out, and what tactics you can use to engage with them.

No single ad channel will be successful on its own. As your business’s customers use multiple channels to connect, your ads and marketing should also be multi-channel.

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