Customer Service remains key!

Customer service has never been more crucial as companies work to support their customers as quickly as possible in the current climate.

LinkedIn has revealed that many businesses are prioritising meeting evolving customer expectations and earning customer trust, with supermarkets, retailers having clear demand for these roles.

The top ten roles in the UK with the highest percentage growth between June and July 2020 were:

1. Personal Shopper

2. Customer Service Assistant

3. Pharmacy Manager

4. Delivery Driver

5. Retail Assistant

6. Business Development Specialist

7. Customer Service Advisor

8. Store Manager

9. Sales Executive

10. Customer Success Manager

This list points towards where demand is growing fastest and present new opportunities for jobseekers.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicate that 730,000 workers have fallen from company payrolls since the beginning of the crisis in March, while employers across the UK continue to announce job cuts.

LinkedIn said: “COVID-19 is continuing to impact consumer demand which is creating new employment opportunities. In certain sectors, we’ve seen a surge in demand over the last month from companies looking to bolster customer service and support capabilities, with supermarkets, convenience stores and retailers in particular looking for personal shoppers and customer service assistants.

“Companies are looking at how they can deliver a superior experience during these unusual times to meet evolving customer expectations and continue earning customer trust. Strong communication and problem-solving skills are integral to these roles.”

Now more than ever it proves that Customer Service is always a vital component for any employer to focus its attention on!

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