MIA….. the Office?

Since the pandemic disrupted working life, employees have had to get used to their new working quarters at home, where little conversation and interaction with co-workers takes place.

From a survey of 2,000 by RAJA UK, 65% of respondents shared that they appreciate the social side of work now more than ever, with 51% missing the office banter. In addition, one in five stated that they miss lunch break walks with their colleagues.

Top 10 most missed things about the workplace:

· Being face-to-face with people

· The office banter

· Simply asking someone a question out loud rather than messaging

· Working in a team

· Your office desk

· Hearing office gossip

· Your office chair

· Catching up about people’s weekends

· The printer

· Lunch break walks with colleagues

· Utilising tech

Despite this, more than three-quarters have kept in touch with their colleagues while working from home during the pandemic, with many leaning on technology to make it possible. For example, 56% said that they have used video calls to catch up with one another.

There’s no doubt that the current crisis has forced employers and employees to embrace technology and its ability to keep everyone connected when working remotely. So much so that usage of video conferencing software from Zoom counted more than 300million daily participants in virtual meetings, while paying customers have more than tripled.

It’s therefore worthwhile for employers to utilise technology to help bridge the gap for staff while remain working from home. By encouraging employees to communicate over video calls or to attend virtual events and use messaging platforms employees may start to feel like a little bit of the office is with them at home.

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