What will businesses do about Christmas?

With uncertainty looming about Christmas festivities, employers are having to consider how to deal with end of year celebrations for staff. Traditionally, Christmas nights out offer employers the chance to thank their staff for their continued efforts, while also welcoming in a new year.

It seems that most employees are optimistic that they will be able to take place, as 60% of respondents in a study revealed that they expect Christmas parties to be more important than ever in 2020.


In the event that the traditional party can’t occur, employers may have to turn to more traditional ways of saying thank you to staff, such as giving hampers, vouchers or additional time off.  Another option would be the “virtual” party using Zoom or teams and adding quizzes and competitions to liven things up.


Employers need to should recognise that staff have continued to work, while also facing a number of personal issues such as money concerns and adjusting to working life at home. In many instances, staff have worked more hours, taken on the duties to cover a reduced or furloughed workforce and worked in exceptionally hard circumstances – mostly remotely for a substantial period of time. Remote working has also brought unexpected challenges with individuals reporting feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and a sense of isolation. Engaging and motivating staff by recognising this, is key.


Those organisations which provide feedback, acknowledge individual and team effort, thank employees for their ongoing effort and commitment and find innovative ways to reward such as giving extra time off, or giving ‘thank you’ vouchers will be rewarded themselves with the commitment and engagement of their employee.

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