Huge costs award made against employee following Tribunal judgment

An employment tribunal has made a record award AGAINST an employee for bringing a case that was found to be “duplicitous”.  The case was originally heard in 2017 when the claimant asked for compensation for eight claims of unfair dismissal, age discrimination, race discrimination, sex discrimination, harassment, victimisation, unlawful deduction from wages and whistleblowing.

The claimant claimed that a redundancy process which resulted in him losing his job was unfair and that he had been discriminated against.

However, the tribunal find that the dismissal was fair and dismissed each of the other claims. The Judge said that the claimant had attempted to deceive all parties involved and awarded the employer, Copthorne Hotels a whopping £432,000 in legal costs – believed to be the highest award every made against an employee.

Costs are infrequently made in tribunal and when they are the average is £2,400.  The reason for the costs being so high in this case is that the tribunal believed that the claimant had falsified his claims and it was found that he had made covert recordings of meetings which amounted to a breach in trust and confidence.

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