Lockdown Confessions!

Remote work comes with a few perks’ employees can enjoy, from more opportunity for a lie-in, similarly, no face-to-face meetings allows many to complete their work in their pyjamas, making for a far more relaxed start to the working day.

And these are just some of the ‘lockdown confessions’ employees have stated they have enjoyed.

Supermarket Tesco commissioned a study of 2,000 adults that revealed 78% admitted to a minor naughty slip up this year. It found that the average person has committed seven misdemeanours each, with 13% admitting their naughty tendencies had increased in the past 12 months.

These ranged from 16% cheating on a virtual quiz, while more than a fifth admitted to staying in their pyjamas all day and 19% slept when they were meant to be working. A further 16% also told a white lie about their internet connection to avoid taking part in a video call, and one in 10 inadvertently walked onto a call while dressed inappropriately.

Tesco, said that due to the drastic adjustments that have been made to working and living, it’s unsurprising that this behaviour has taken place. “2020 has seen the nation adjust to new ways of living, working and shopping, which has led to some less than perfect, but perfectly understandable, behaviour,”. Moreover, that their staff are urged to forgive themselves for any naughty behaviour that may have taken place this year!


Top work-related lockdown confessions revealed:

  1. Wearing the same pair of jogging bottoms a few too many times.
  2. Working in their pyjamas.
  3. Having a lie in when they were meant to be working from home.
  4. Cheating on a virtual quiz with friends or colleagues.
  5. Staying in bed all day while working.
  6. Only dressing in work attire from the waist up while working from home.
  7. Making out their internet connection wasn’t working to get out of a virtual meeting.
  8. Changing their background to a filter to hide that they weren’t really working from home (e.g. working from the park, beach, etc).

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