Exciting new service offering!

We are excited to let you know that we have partnered with “IMPROVE” – a new technology revolutionising the way small and medium sized businesses are training their people online, with a price to match! As you know, 121 HR Solutions has always tried to offer accessible and affordable training options for our clients and as we move away from face to face training we wanted to bring our clients an opportunity to continue to develop their teams without an expensive price tag.

Starting from as little as £30 per month IMPROVE offers your staff a huge range of easy to access, online training solutions from Time Management to Cyberfraud essentials, to Manual Handling to Advanced Excel. As a special introductory offer, for clients signing up in December, the first year’s subscription is heavily discounted! That means that you could have access to a whole range of online training opportunities for your staff for the next twelve months at a discounted rate.

IMPROVE provides a great learning experience for people through any device, with the ability to structure online training for groups, teams and individuals, test knowledge, report on progress, tailor courses and set up your own business specific courses, so everything is relevant to you!

The IMPROVE package comes with 50+ great pre-loaded online courses from compliance, IT and digital through to management, leadership, customer service and personal development. You also receive your own cutting-edge online learning platform you can personalise and make your own!

We would love to walk you through a brief demo of IMPROVE so if you would like to book a brief chat please contact us on 0800 9995 121,

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