Switch off over the Christmas break!

2020 has been a challenging and mentally taxing year for everyone. As the year draws to a close, employees will likely be starting to feel tired and will be looking forward to downing tools and celebrating over the festive period.

During this time, it is important that employees are able to relax and recuperate so that they return to work feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running once again.

Top tips include not opening emails during the break.  If employees have time off over the Christmas period, it is important that they are able to properly enjoy it. And with the majority of employees working from home – and with technology meaning that staff can be constantly contactable – it can be tempting to check and reply to emails outside of working hours when the phone starts to ping.

However, sending or receiving a ‘quick’ email could mean that staff members get dragged back to their desks when they are supposed to be off work.

As so many people have been working from home it is also important to leave the ‘home office’.

To help employees properly switch off over Christmas, it is important for them to tidy away anything relating to work – whether this is laptops, notepads, work phones or papers – so that they can close the door on their dedicated office space, or even move away from the coffee table that they normally work from.  Switching off will be more difficult this year but hopefully, following these two tips will help mean that we return rejuvenated and rested!

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