Wellbeing must be employers’ focus in 2021

A new nationwide poll commissioned has reported significant impacts on employee wellbeing.

With widespread redundancies taking place and further furlough looming for many, 42% of UK working adults are currently working in fear, scared of making a mistake that may place them in a bad light to their leaders at work.


It also highlighted issues linked to work related communications and found that, despite almost six months of Zoom meetings, one in six UK employees are still uncomfortable with being on a video call, seeing and hearing themselves on screen and being in a virtual room full of people staring at their face. Just over a fifth don’t want to talk on the phone and would rather send an email.

In a climate of uncertainty, where workers are feeling on edge, almost a quarter were also anxious about working with difficult colleagues – but unwilling to discuss this issue with bosses whilst almost a quarter were also nervous about dealing with antagonistic customers or clients.


Almost three in 10 respondents are scared about losing their job. With such worries, it’s understandable that almost a fifth of respondents would be too nervous to ask for extra support with a heavy workload and just under a sixth of working adults would be too anxious to seek help with a difficult task. Almost one fifth said that in the current climate, they would dread facing their boss in a performance review and over one sixth said that they would be too afraid to ask for a pay rise.


Employers should try to encourage their teams to adopt a growth mindset and see challenges as a way to develop. We need to focus on what that wellbeing means and create opportunities to learn and develop. Ultimately, 2021 needs to be about building up staff morale and recovery – which starts with individual wellbeing.

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