Lower salary for home-based role?

A UK charity has posted a job advert which offers a lower salary to prospective candidates if they choose to work from home rather than in an office.

The job detailed that the role would pay between £46,149 – £48,580 if the candidate was based at the London office, with a lower salary of between £41,946 – £44,163 if the home-based option was chosen. Is this a trend that is likely to continue as we move out of the pandemic and look to being more flexible employers?

Many businesses have had to adapt to remote working and have changed the way they collaborate, communicate and deliver services and with many employees continuing to work from home in light of the coronavirus crisis, the subject of salary has been under the spotlight.

Some organisations, including Facebook have said that workers can relocate and work remotely in future but that they will be paid based on where they live. It was reported that Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg said that those who choose to work where the cost of living is lower should expect to see a pay cut.

Different salaries for home and office working may become a trend that employers consider in the future, as a means of offering greater flexibility and responding to changing market needs.

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