A third of Brits are working longer hours whilst at home

Whilst many people across the UK enjoy the advantages that working from home can bring such as having no commute, in some parts of the UK many people are struggling to adjust to their new work-life balance.

In a survey carried out on the UK workforce by Liberty Games’, research found many Brits are struggling to separate their work and personal life, with 41% admitting to often working through their lunch break and 38% were more likely to work longer hours than normal. On top of this, the survey also found that 29% of Brits were more stressed working from home. Glasgow was amongst the top 10 most stressed cities in the UK, with 38% of their workforce feeling more stressed whilst adapting to their new working environment. Edinburgh on the other hand had only 13% of workers feeling stressed, suggesting that they are coping better than other parts of Scotland.

Although, feelings of stress are not entirely surprising given that the working environment that many once knew as ‘normal’ has entirely changed and now relies on most communication done via a computer or a phone. The reliance on technology greatly limits almost all social contact for some and also increases instances of miscommunication. The survey also found that of those feeling more stressed, this was due to many struggling to concentrate, feeling bored, and being less productive. Therefore, despite more people working for longer hours, the work that they are producing may actually become less efficient and eventually lead to burnout. To avoid this, many people feel that distracting themselves and playing games such as puzzles and sports games helps them to unwind and de-stress whilst working from home.

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