Campaign encouraging staff to spend an hour learning per week

A recent campaign called “An Hour to Skill” has been backed by many employers including Lloyds Bank. The campaign encourages employees to spend one hour per week learning online which in turn will improve skills and enhance prospects for the employee in their current role, or will provide necessary skills needed to secure a new role.

To support the campaign, the Government has introduced The Skills Toolkit which offers free online courses to employees. The courses offered range from practical maths to digital design and marketing, and already more than 130,000 people have registered for courses on the learning platform.

The Open University have also offered free courses via The Skills Toolkit. Professor Tim Blackman, vice-chancellor at The Open University has said “All courses have appeal across the spectrum, with opportunities for all regardless of age, life stage or prior level of learning. Using our world leading expertise and capability in online teaching, our short courses are imaginatively designed to inform and educate in a time-sensitive way”.

Encouraging employees to spend one hour out of their week to learn can therefore bring extensive benefits to the employee and allow them to develop key skills which is time efficient. The development of these skills can thereafter also benefit the organisation by making a difference to the productivity and quality of work produced by the employee.

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