Friday early finishes are most desired perk

The most popular employee benefit in the UK is to finish work early on a Friday, highlighting a potential quick win for businesses.

In a new survey by employee benefits platform Sodexo Engage, 87.6% of employees said an early finish on Friday was their most desired perk, followed by paid holiday allowance (84.1%) and summer hours that allow staff to work extra hours during the start of the week to then finish earlier in the latter part of it (76.8%).

To get better perks from their employer, employees said they would be willing to contribute at least 3% of their annual salary.

For discounts on food, they would sacrifice up to 5%, towards a health plan 4.3% and childcare vouchers 3.3%.

There’s often a lot of pressure for employees to progress and hit targets, which is why offering perks like flexible working and Friday hours supports a healthy work-life balance.  It also shows that as a business, you value your employees whilst encouraging them to perform their best for a great return.

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