Social Distancing not always in place at work

A quarter of businesses are still not implementing social distancing in the workplace, a survey has found, as experts urge employers to take all reasonable steps to protect those returning.

In a poll of 2,100 workplace safety representatives, conducted by the TUC, 25% said their workplace did not always implement physical distancing between colleagues, either through social distancing or with physical barriers.

Similarly, a fifth said their workplace did not always implement appropriate physical distancing between employees and customers, patients or clients, while more than a third said adequate personal protective equipment wasn’t always provided.

The research also found that no risk assessment had been undertaken in the workplace. Of those who said their employers had carried out a risk assessment, almost a quarter reported they felt it was inadequate.

The pandemic has changed the way employers needed to approach health and safety at work. Managers, employees and occupational health and safety representatives need to work together in managing risk at work.

Businesses must carry out their legal obligation and conduct risk assessments and take all reasonable steps to protect those returning to the workplace. These include social distancing measures, staggering shift time where appropriate and providing additional handwashing facilities.

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