Employers must consider flexible working as we move out of the pandemic

A third of workers could leave their job if employers do not continue to provide for flexible working beyond the pandemic, according to a new report.

A survey of 2,000 UK workers found that employees stating that they would change their jobs if their organisation did not allow them to work in the environment they chose – either remotely or in the office.

The poll also found a preference among employees for hybrid working. Just one in 10 wished to return to the office full time, while a similar proportion (said they wanted to work only at home. However a quarter expressed a preference for working mostly from home and sometimes in the office, while one in five (said they were keen to work mainly in the office and sometimes at home.

Full-time employees who had been working at home throughout the pandemic were by far the keenest to continue working mainly from home, with almost half saying this was their preference.

Businesses are advised not to adopt a blanket approach to returning to the office or working from home – instead they should take time to seek a flexible policy.  The pandemic may result in a sea change in the way businesses look to attract and retain staff with the addition of many forms of flexible working to improve wellbeing and productivity.

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