Will the Post Office be classified as an employer in gig economy tribunal?

The Post Office is at the centre of an employment tribunal which could shake up gig economy employment structures for millions.

120 sub-postmasters, representing 8,500 in total, from around the country, have taken a case against the Post Office to an employment tribunal, in an effort to be classified as workers.

The case, which will see the sub-postmasters fight for their right to gain access to employment rights such as the right to paid holiday, pensions and sick pay, is due to be heard this month.

If the case rules in favour of the sub-postmasters, the Post Office could be liable to face a multi-million-pound payout as a result. This is the latest in a list of gig economy cases where self-employed workers have taken gone to court over employment rights. The rapid growth of the gig economy along with complex employment status rules means there are likely to be many more challenges in the future.  It has long been argued that to ensure the freedoms of legitimately self-employed workers and secure the rights of those who should be defined as workers, the onus is on the Government to create a clear legal definition for self-employed status.


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