National Suicide Prevention Week

Every year, on 10th September, organisations around the world get together to raise awareness about suicide prevention.  Mental health awareness is a subject which is discussed much more openly in the workplace and many businesses have trained a representative to become a Mental Health First Aider, to offer support to affected employees.  This video Ask, Tell – Save A Life: Every Life Matters on Vimeo has been produced to help raise awareness of the small, practical steps everyone can take, if they are worried about a friend or colleague.  Ask, Tell –  Save a Life is a powerful message to encourage us all to look out for each other.  Workplaces can signpost organisations which can help and should not be expected to provide specialist advice –  often a listening ear is all that is required.

Every day in Scotland, two people take their own lives, of which ¾ are men. Sharing this video with employees may prevent a suicide statistic.  Talking openly in the workplace about mental health will remove taboo and allow employees to feel that they can come forward for help. 121 HR Solutions can support managers in having sensitive conversations and can be contacted on

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