This was clearly offside!

A regional football team recently posted a job ad for a General Manager vacancy. It stated that candidates should be skilled in aspects of running a football club and having a “proactive approach”. However, the advert went on to say that candidates should NOT apply “if you are looking for ‘a work-life balance’ or have to pick the kids up from school twice a week at 3.30”.

The post, which was subsequently removed, also stated, “This is a hands-on role’ and requires hands on leadership from the front so ‘delegators’ and ‘office dwellers’ please don’t apply”. The apparent intention of appealing to no-nonsense hard workers fell flat and created a backlash on social media, including some of the club’s own supporters who expressed their disappointment and anger.

Another felt the advert expressed “indirect sex discrimination from the outset”. It even prompted the Chief Executive of Citizens Advice to brand it as “discriminatory”.

The news of this job advert shines a light on the wording of job adverts and best practices when seeking to recruit new talent – whilst this was quickly removed, it is important to remember that applicants for a role can claim discrimination before they even become an employee!

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