Man, Vs Machine

In July 2021 a Scottish company pled guilty to failing to have effective measures in place to prevent access to a dangerous part of machinery and was fined £20,000 after a mechanical engineer got his finger trapped in a printing machine!

The 57-year-old employee man had been carrying out maintenance on a printing machine at his placed of work, in Bridge of Allan in October 2017 when he got his finger caught between two rollers. As a result, the engineer’s index finger was severely injured with cuts and a fracture. He has been left with limited sensation and movement in his finger.

The engineer was working with a print machine, used to print bottle tops, and had removed the safety guards. He left the rollers running while he carried out other jobs. On his return it appeared the rollers were no longer running, however as he leant over to check the ink, the rollers started moving again and his finger was pulled in. A colleague used the emergency button to stop the machine as the engineer managed to free his finger. After seven weeks off work, the man returned to work with the company.

Whilst the business had a risk assessment in place it had not provided enough information, instruction, training, and supervision.

The head of the health and safety investigation unit, said “This prosecution should remind other employers that failing to keep their employees safe can have serious consequences and they will be held accountable for this failure.”

A stark and costly reminder of your responsibilities as an employer in relation to Health & Safety at Work!

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