Two key benefits of a gender diverse workplace

The subject of gender diversity has attracted awareness in recent years due to the need for large businesses to report on their Gender Pay Gap. Despite women taking up a large proportion of the workforce globally, there is still a lack of women in senior roles and there is evidence that women are still proportionately paid less than men. 

Gender diversity promotes the idea that both men and women are equal in the hiring process, what they get paid, in the way their voices and opinions are heard within the organisation and in the growth opportunities they receive.

The organisations which see the necessity to be gender diverse in their workplace are often regarded as the fairest employers, basing employees’ ability to carry out a job on skill set rather than gender.

There are two key benefits that gender diversity can bring to a workplace, including:

Having a diverse workforce improves performance through having more varied perspectives, improved collaboration, greater innovation and a wider set of skills. In turn this can enhance productivity and reduce employee turnover through promoting a more positive workplace culture. 

Employee wellbeing can also improve as employees feel valued by their employers as all employees, regardless of gender are given an opportunity to express views and opinions on the operation.

Therefore, it is important that organisations are proactive in their approach to be gender diverse in the workplace, by making it a priority as soon as the recruitment process begins. In turn, this can offer significant benefits for an organisation for both their employees and the organisation performance itself.


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