Sacked for being too young!

A 14-year-old schoolgirl has become the youngest person in Britain to win a ‘direct discrimination’ claim.

In 2019 the claimant took a trial shift in a cafe at an Equestrian Centre in Ayrshire. She had indicated her date of birth on her application form- age of 14. Having performed well on her first day, the manager said he was pleased with her work but sent her home early during her second shift. The reason stated was that she was being fired for “health and safety reasons” as the company’s accountant said she was too young for the job.

The business later stated she had been sacked as the position was ‘’too demanding”. The employment tribunal panel, however, ruled that the company had not proved that age was not a factor in its decision to dismiss the claimant.

The employment judge said: “it was far more likely that the respondent had said something to the effect that the claimant was too young for the role, and that the accountant had said that it was for health and safety reasons”. He praised the young claimant for delivering evidence “clearly, candidly, and calmly”.

Having told the employment tribunal in Glasgow that it caused her distress, she was awarded nearly £3,000 in damages as a victim of “direct discrimination”.

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