Quarter of UK managers have not received management training

Despite having responsibility for managing people, a recent poll carried out by Digits has revealed that a quarter of UK managers have never had management training. In support of previous evidence populated, the poll also found that those who did have continuous training felt more fulfilled and valued in their role, reducing their likeliness to leave their current employer.


However, not only is training for managers important for reducing turnover, but it is also extremely significant in effectively resolving HR issues within the workplace and ensures the workplace stays legally compliant at all levels. For example, although HR policies and processes can be implemented across an organisation, it is vital that managers have the confidence, knowledge and ability to utilise them correctly and consistently in order for them to be effective. In turn, this reduces poor-decision making from inexperienced managers and ensures the organisation as a whole adopts a fair approach for all employees, boosting company morale.


No matter how many employees a manager has responsibility for, it is important that they receive management training for doing so. 121 HR Solutions can assist your organisation with providing this training to your managers, simply contact us today and we will be happy to discuss.

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