Are you investing in managers’ training?

A recent survey has found that 38% of managers who have not received any formal training plan to look for a new job, compared with only 28% who receive regular management training.

One in four managers said they had never received any management training; 39% received it only when they first became a manager; and 35% received regular training.

These results highlight a worrying trend where organisations are underinvesting in their managers. This has the potential for wider ramifications across the business where colleagues are not seeing the value that learning and development can bring to the organisation.

Investment in people development is a critical component for any individual, team, or organisation to achieve and maintain high performance.  With demand for talent and pressure to perform at an all-time high, the question is: can organisations afford not to train their managers?”

Managers who benefit from regular training were more likely to say they enjoyed their job: 77% said they like or love their current job, while only 54% who did not receive regular training said the same.

A well trained manager can derive multiple positive benefits for the employer – impacting productivity, employee engagement, job satisfaction, morale and so much more.

121 HR Solutions is planning a managers’ training schedule for 2022. Watch this space for further information.

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