Are your staff burned out?

According to research, 80% of UK and Irish employees are suffering from what is referred to as “burnout” due to workloads during the pandemic.

The top three catalysts for burnout were reported as being increased workloads (49%), mental health challenges (34%) and pressure to meet deadlines (32%). When combined with employees’ willingness to spend more hours a day online when working from home, it is expected that these figures will continue to grow, with many businesses not yet returning to the workplace. This always-turned-on workforce is always going to be in existence, where people are going to be working in many different time zones, at many different times of day.

There is an opportunity for employers to be more transparent in their messages to employees, showing care and attention around wellness and this is not just an HR problem, but one for which the whole company bears responsibility. It is important to ensure that you have the feedback from your team and this might be by conducting an Employee Engagement survey to gauge how employees feel.

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