Employers preparing for further increases in recruitment struggles, research finds.

A recent poll carried out in November by Willis Towers Watson found that 77% of employers were having trouble in successfully recruiting and maintaining the correct staff. From this, it was advised that employers should reflect on the changing environment and demands within the workforce and consider increasing the benefits and flexibility that they offer to their candidates.


It has been found that many employers have subsequently increased pay and improved job quality in order to overcome their recruitment issues. However, the CIPD suggests this struggle is not over yet, as they have found that many employers are preparing to combat further expected increases to their recruitment issues within the next few months and into next year. The most notable industries with hard-to-fill vacancies were identified in construction, healthcare and public administration. The reason for many recruitment issues has stemmed from various issues including the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, as well as BREXIT imposing tighter immigration controls.


However, many employers do intend on hiring within the next few months and into the new year. Research found that employers are taking different approaches to overcome their recruitment struggles, with some increasing pay offered, improving job quality and hiring apprentices, and others increasing pay or planning a pay review for existing staff and training existing staff to develop their skills and capability within their role.


Investing in existing staff is one beneficial way to help combat recruitment issues as it ensures they remain within the organisation as well as creates a more positive workplace culture where employees feel valued and supported. In turn, this in itself can be attractive for new candidates joining your business. Therefore, there are different ways that organisations in different sectors are responding to their difficulty in recruiting staff.


121 HR Solutions recruitment model incorporates multiple aspects including: defining organisation requirements, advertising and attracting, managing applications, initial selection, psychometric evaluation, interview selection, decision, notification & feedback as well as contractual administration. Thus, from creating a person specification and advertisement to a contract of employment for the successful candidate, 121 HR Solutions can manage the full recruitment process for any vacancy whilst still communicating with the organisation at all stages to collaborate on key decision-making.


Our recruitment model is carefully planned and suited to the needs of your business in order to ensure the highest calibre of candidates are attracted. Contact 121 HR Solutions today to find out how we can support your business through recruitment over the next few months.

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