Flexible working still not mentioned in many job ads

Nearly three-quarters of job vacancies are still failing to offer flexible working, research has found, despite many changes to working practices created by the pandemic over the last two years.

The survey found that only 26% of UK job vacancies advertised some form of flexible working such as remote working, home working or part-time hours. It is thought that this represents a missed opportunity for UK businesses given the record number of vacancies in the current UK labour market.

Additional flexibility can be used as a vital tool for attracting talent and whilst many businesses offer flexible working to stop talent leaving, few use it as a tool when hiring.

It is felt that offering more part-time opportunities for jobs at the top end of the pay scale and more different types of flexibility for jobs at the lower end would significantly help to tackle some of the inequalities in the UK.  It may be a sound investment to consider how opportunities can be offered in a flexible way, to increase opportunity and contribute to retention and loyalty, in the long run!

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