Survey says – apprenticeship instead of a degree!

The CIPD’s report, Youth employment in the UK in 2021, explores the extent to which young people understand and are prepared for the world of work.

Over 2000 people aged 18 to 30 were surveyed by YouGov as part of the research. Just 1% of all young people surveyed received help and support to apply for an apprenticeship during their time at school, 59% received support from their school on their educational and academic options available to them such as applying for university or college.

The CIPD is calling for careers advice in schools to give equal focus to vocational and academic routes into employment having found that a mismatch between skills supply and demand means that graduates often end up in jobs which do not require a degree to do the role.

A senior advisor of the survey stated, “We need to do a better job of preparing young people for the world of work, so they can make an informed decision about what route is going to give them the best chance of having a long and fulfilling career”.

As employers, during recruitment you should take into consideration the lack of experience and/or qualifications of younger workers when completing recruitment exercises and not automatically dismiss individuals who don’t fit the traditional job requirements.

Employers may be losing out on ideal candidates because they don’t have the ‘degree’ certificate typically associated with that role, despite them having relevant experience and increased motivation and desire to succeed than their older counterparts.

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