Increase in workers engaging in multiple jobs

A recent study from the Department of Education has shown that two-thirds of workers are working multiple jobs, or plan to do so in the near future. This is being referred to as ‘portfolio’ careers, whereby workers may work part time or flexibly within different industries, striving to build on their experience, skills and capabilities. This concept has grown significantly since the Covid-19 lockdown.

The main reason for workers taking up portfolio careers was thought to be a desire to do something different and retrain. This desire has led to the Government actively encouraging professionals to consider working part time in the education sector in order to pass on their skills and expertise to students in colleges and universities. In turn, this will also allow them to develop new skills through teaching whilst helping people, leading to increased satisfaction in the workplace.

It seems that portfolio careers can offer workers increased flexibility and the ability to get what they want out of their work, allowing greater learning opportunities and job satisfaction in the workplace. Over the last year, more employers are having to offer increased flexibility to employees around working practices in the form of part time, reduced hours or job-sharing. This has been shown by a steep rise in the number of flexible working requests.  Allowing employees more flexible working patterns in your organisation may help reap the benefits of employees engaging in portfolio careers, bringing additional skills and experience to their roles.

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